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Reasons That Children Need To Learn To Skate While Looking Ahead, Rather Than Down

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When a child is learning to skate, he or she will often begin by looking down at his or her feet and the ice. This habit is OK in the beginning, but it’s one that you want your child to put behind him or her as quickly as possible. Ice skating lessons provide an opportunity for your child to learn proper skating mechanics, which include keeping his or her head up while skating. Read More»

Ready For Your .458 Socom? 3 Good Reasons To Keep Your AR-15 On Hand As A Practice Rifle

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If you’re building up your personal arsenal, and you’ve decided that you need to add a big bore rifle to your collection, it’s time to look at the .458 socom. One of the great things about the .458 socom is that it can be mounted to any AR-15 patterned lower receiver. That means if you already have an AR-15, you can upgrade it to the .458 socom. If you’ve decided to upgrade to the . Read More»