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Ready For Your .458 Socom? 3 Good Reasons To Keep Your AR-15 On Hand As A Practice Rifle

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If you're building up your personal arsenal, and you've decided that you need to add a big bore rifle to your collection, it's time to look at the .458 socom. One of the great things about the .458 socom is that it can be mounted to any AR-15 patterned lower receiver. That means if you already have an AR-15, you can upgrade it to the .458 socom. If you've decided to upgrade to the .458 socom, it's a good idea to keep a practice rifle on hand for the range. If you don't think you'll need to do that, here are three good reasons why you should reconsider.

You'll Spend Less Money on Ammo

Once you upgrade your current AR-15 to the .458 socom, you're going to be spending more for your ammo. While that's okay if you're heading out into the woods for some hunting, you don't want to spend extra money when you head to the range. Instead of spending the extra money to take your .458 socom to the range, take an AR-15 practice rifle with you instead. You'll get the range time you want, without the additional expense of the upgraded ammo.

You'll Perfect Your Skills

Of course, you want to work on your skills. That's why you spend time at the range. However, you don't want to wear yourself out practicing with the big bore .458 socom. That's where the AR-15 without the modifications comes in handy. You can take your AR-15 to the range and work on your skills, while saving your .458 for the real work. Once you've perfected your skills on the AR-15, you'll be able to spend less time honing in on the target with the .458 socom.

You'll Work Out the Flinches

If you haven't spent much time with your AR-15, you may still get some of the flinches when you fire it. Unfortunately, those flinches are going to be even worse when you fire your .458 socom for the first time. Before you start practicing with your .458 socom, spend some time working the flinches out with your AR-15. Once you can fire your AR-15 without flinching, you'll be ready to start practicing with the bigger kick that accompanies the .458 socom.

Now that you're thinking of adding a .458 socom to your personal firearms collection, make sure you're ready for the power. Get ready for the power by using your AR-15 as a practice rifle. For more information about this gun and many others, visit Tromix.