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Reasons To Consider Applying For A Permit To Carry A Firearm

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Carrying a concealed weapon in most states requires you to go through the legal process of applying for a permit to carry the gun out of view. The process is not overly challenging, but many states will try and get you to justify your need to have a loaded and concealed firearm, even though there are some excellent reasons to consider applying for your permit to carry. 

Self Defense And Home Protection

One of the most common reasons to carry a firearm is to protect yourself, your family, or the people around you from an assailant. This is a valid reason to use on your permit to carry application, and most people will state this at some point during the process.

If you are not taking the gun out of your home, a permit is not required, and keeping the gun hidden in the house is not illegal as long as the gun meets registration and ownership requirements in your locale. It can be essential to let the police know the firearm is in the house if they need to come to your residence, but if it is locked up in a gun safe, you may not be required to, so check with your attorney for clarification. 

You mustn't brandish your firearm even if you have a permit to carry it because the state can revoke the permission if they think you are using the permit inappropriately. In most states, drawing a loaded gun for self-defense is only allowed if you feel you are in danger of losing your life or are witnessing an incident that appears someone else is going to get shot, stabbed, or killed. 

You do have the right to apply for a permit to carry concealed for protection, but always be sure you can articulate fear for your life or another before you use the gun. 

Job Requirements

If you work in an industry that requires you to carry a gun concealed during the function of your job, you will often still need to apply for a permit to carry it. Your application should have a copy of your job duties and requirement from the employer to show you need to permit to work. 

Sworn police officers do not need a permit even when undercover or off-duty in most states. However, security officers, bodyguards, and armed escorts are typically required to undergo the permit process because they work in the private sector. There can be exceptions to that, but you must check with the state police or the attorney general's office in your area to get the answers to any questions you may have about a permit to carry or concealed weapons. 

For more info about a permit to carry, contact a local company.