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Reasons To Order Double-Width Aluminum Team Benches

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If you're shopping for aluminum outdoor benches for a sports facility, you'll see that they're commonly available in different widths. While you're almost certainly accustomed to seeing standard-width benches at sports facilities around your community, you may not be aware that many bench suppliers also have double-width benches. These wider benches share many similarities with standard benches, but the surface on which people sit is twice as wide as usual. Here are some reasons that it can be a good idea to order double-width aluminum team benches.

More Comfortable

While people like children or teens can comfortably sit on a conventional aluminum bench, you may want an option that is better for those that are larger, like adults. If you know that many adult sports teams use the fields at your facility and will be using your benches, you might think about buying ones that are twice as wide. The larger seating surface can be more comfortable because it provides more support.

Larger Capacity

A double-width aluminum team bench can also offer more seating capacity than a bench of standard width. The unique nature of this bench means that athletes, especially those who are younger, can sit back-to-back. For example, if you buy a standard bench that is long enough for 10 people to use, a double-width bench of the same length will allow 10 people to sit on one side and 10 people to sit on the other side. If a team has two coaches who both want to speak to the group at the same time, they might have 10 players sit on one side of the bench and listen to one coach while the other 10 players sit on the other side and listen to the other coach.

Easier For Storing Equipment

Sports teams often use their team benches for storing various types of equipment. A double-width bench provides more space to make it easier for teams to store their equipment. For example, it's common for a team to have a large water cooler that sits on the end of the bench.  A large cooler might sit precariously on a narrow bench and be at risk of toppling over. With a wider bench beneath the cooler, teams will be confident that it will remain in place throughout the game or practice.

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