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Common Traits Of A Cruiser Electric Bike

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When you look at different models of electric bikes, it should quickly become apparent that there can be a significant variance in how these bikes look. Talking with a salesperson can help you to better understand what types of electric bikes are available — something that will be important as you evaluate which product you should buy. One type of bike that you'll commonly find is a cruiser bike. As its name suggests, this is an electric bike that is designed for casual cruising instead of riding for speed or across rough terrain. Here are some traits that you'll commonly find in electric cruiser bikes.

Large, Comfortable Seat

One feature that is common on cruiser-style electric bikes is a large, comfortable seat. This is a bike that you will likely enjoy riding at a casual pace around your neighborhood or on paved trails in your community, and you want to be comfortable for this type of outing. Whereas some other styles of electric bikes can have narrower seats that may not be comfortable for every body type, you can expect to be able to sit in comfort on the large, wide seat of a cruiser bike.

Storage Options

Many cruiser electric bikes provide the rider with some degree of storage space. For example, the bicycle may have a rack on the back fender or maybe even saddlebags. You may find that you use this storage space in a number of ways. If you plan to use the bicycle to visit nearby family members, you might want to carry things for these get-togethers — perhaps small gifts for grandchildren or cousins, for instance. Whereas you could struggle to carry items with a different type of electric bike because of its lack of storage, the storage options in a cruiser bike will come in handy.

Upright Design

You'll commonly find that the frames of many cruiser electric bikes are designed to allow you to sit in an upright position. Other electric bikes can have frames that encourage you to lean forward while you ride — something that may be desirable if you're trying to go fast and you want to be as aerodynamic as possible. Sitting upright on your cruiser bike can be appealing if you have lower back pain, as you won't have to lean forward and potentially exacerbate the discomfort. Contact an electric bike retailer to learn more about the cruiser style.