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Three Reasons Why You Can't Don Scuba Gear And "Just Do It!"

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Scuba is a fun water sport that anyone can learn. Wait; you have to learn it? What is there to learn? Can you not just don scuba gear and a wet suit and go diving? Actually, no, you cannot. Here are three reasons why.

Water Pressure

The deeper you dive, the more your body responds to the greater pressure by adjusting your heart rate and blood pressure. Little hiccups in your blood pressure can develop, so you have to know how to dive and how to come up slowly so your body readjusts. If you dive down too quickly and then dive back up just as fast, you will get a condition known as "the bends." It is otherwise known as "decompression sickness," and you will feel absolutely awful for days. It can also be fatal.

Dangerous Wildlife

If you plan to do any sea diving with scuba gear, you also need to know how to avoid dangerous wildlife. Sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and a few other volatile critters should never be approached, no matter how much you want to touch them. Even wild dolphins are temperamental, and you cannot be too sure that one will not head-butt you really hard. All of this information is part of the scuba training you receive when you take an ocean diving class at a school like Scuba Haven.

Tube and Tank Problems

Oxygen tanks and your breathing tubes and mask can all have problems. An intermediate scuba training will teach you how to find and identify these issues above water so that you do not suffocate and drown below. You will also learn how to repair these problems yourself, and what to do if you checked everything before diving but begin to have problems during your dive.

Diving on Vacation Worry-Free

The basic diving lesson you receive when you are on vacation is just that: basic. The instructor has already checked your tanks, your hoses, and your masks. He or she will dive with you and act as a guide for your safety and survival. Everything that could go wrong is already taken care of, which is why these vacation dives make scuba seem so easy.

If you want to scuba more often, it is highly advisable that you take a scuba training course. These courses will teach you much more about the sport than any one-time basic vacation lesson ever could. Then you can become certified in the sport and do it whenever you want.