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4 Tips For Buying Your First Fishing Kayak

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Fishing is an enjoyable hobby for many people, and more and more people have started fishing from kayaks rather than larger boats. Fishing kayaks can be used in fresh water and salt water, in a variety of different conditions. The key to successfully fishing from a kayak is to buy the right type of kayak for your needs. Use the following tips to purchase your first fishing kayak:

Think About Length

One thing you need to carefully consider when buying a fishing kayak is its length. In most cases, shorter fishing kayaks are much easier to maneuver, while longer fishing kayaks are known to be faster. Think about where you plan to fish most often-- if you often frequent small ponds, backwaters, or creeks, a shorter fishing kayak is your best option. If you prefer fishing in large lakes, rivers, or the ocean, stick to a longer kayak that can move faster in larger bodies of water.

Stability Options

Kayaks have come a long way from even just a few years ago-- today's fishing kayaks are known to be much more stable than older models. If you're large in size, plan on fishing from a standing position, or fish in small bodies of water, your best bet is a wider kayak that is slightly less easy to maneuver but provides maximum stability. Narrower kayaks that are slightly less stable but easier to paddle are ideal for trollers and fisherman who want to cover a large area of water over the course of their fishing trip.

Consider Storage

Using a kayak for fishing is a lot different than using one for transportation or recreation. You will need room to keep your gear, tackle, and any fish that you catch. When selecting your first fishing kayak, make sure that you keep storage in mind. Some models of fishing kayaks have integrated storage and live wells, while others include external storage. Sit-in kayaks typically have extra room for storage in the hull, while sit-on fishing kayaks often feature internal hatches.

Transporting Your Kayak

While today's fishing kayaks have a lot of great features and are more stable than ever, they are heavy in weight. This is important to note before making a purchase. If your water access point allows you to drive up and pull the kayak out of your truck and into the water, weight will not matter as much. But if you like exploring new fishing sites where you may need to drag your kayak quite far down a path before water entry, look for a model that is light as possible.