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Hit The Slopes With A Slick Board And Avoid These Snowboard Wax Mistakes

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The slope is pristine, the snow is freshly packed, and your adrenaline is pumping in nervous excitement about the thrill that lies before you. Before you climb on your snowboard and take the plunge, it is best to ensure you have properly applied your snowboard wax. Snowboard wax application seems like such a straightforward process, but there are actually several things you can do wrong that will get in the way of your free-gliding experience. Even some well-experienced snowboarders make these mistakes. Check out these common mistakes snowboarders tend to make when applying wax to their snowboards:

Mistake: Applying the wax too thick and then not scraping away the excess.

Why? A good layer of snowboard wax is what you want because you don't want the wax wearing off too quickly. However, there is a line between just enough and too much that should not be crossed. If you apply a hefty layer and don't scrape away the excess way, you will be hindering your board's sliding abilities when you do hit the slopes. After a wax application, buff down your board and then scrape away any areas that seem thicker than the rest of the application. 

Mistake: Letting the iron rest too long on the snowboard. 

Why? If you are using a hot-application snowboard wax, using an iron is the best way to go, but even this is harder than it sounds. All it takes is leaving the hot iron in one place for too long to leave a ridge on your board. The worst part is, you may not even notice you have damaged the board until you hit the slopes because there will be a slight discrepancy with how you glide but very little visual discrepancy.

Mistake: Not removing old wax layers occasionally. 

Why? When your snowboard wax job wears away, rest assured it is not completely gone. There are always certain areas of the bard where the wax will still be present. The wear of the wax depends on how you stand on the board and even the terrain and type of snow. Because residue is left behind in patchwork fashion on the bottom of the board, it is best to occasionally scrape all of the wax away and start with a fresh coat of wax application. If you don't, those same areas that always have some wax left will eventually get thicker and leave the surface of your board uneven.

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