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Camping Canines: Important Tips For Taking Your Dog To A Campground

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Spending time camping with your dog can be an amazing experience or a complete nightmare, depending on where you go and how you prepare. Sometimes, a camping excursion to the great outdoors can lead to a problem with pests and creatures, some of which reside in and on your furry canine companion. Here are a few tips on how to successfully prepare for a camping trip with your dog and how to check him for pest problems afterwards. 


You'll need to be sure to go to a dog-friendly campground as some do not allow pets at all. Fortunately, there are many dog-friendly campgrounds throughout the United States. Wherever you choose, be sure to read through the rules regarding having dogs on the campground property. Typical rules and policies include scooping poop, keeping your dog on a leash at all times, and having up-to-date vaccinations. Also, you may need to pay an additional fee and sign a petowner agreement. 


In addition to the camping equipment and supplies you will need for yourself and any other human campers, you will also need to have camping equipment and supplies for your pooch. A definite must-have is a collapsible water dish so you can keep your dog well hydrated. These containers collapse easily, which will allow you to save room when you pack and give you the ability to take the dish with you when you go out hiking with your dog. 

Here are several other things to consider. 

  • Get a canine first-aid kit designed specifically for camping and hiking. 
  • Buy a neon orange jacket for your dog to wear while hiking in the woods, particularly if your dog has short hair—this will protect him from getting abrasions from tree branches and rocks and make it easy for you to see him. 
  • Purchase a canvas collapsible dog crate or a small camping tent to confine your dog in when necessary, such as when you head to the latrine. 

For the best protection for your canine while exploring the rugged wilderness, purchase these items through a camping supply retailer. 


When you return home, you'll need to give your dog a bath, which will be a great time to check your pooch over for fleas and ticks. Take it to the veterinarian to check for kidney worms. This can be done through a urine sample and should be repeated several times, especially if you noticed your dog drinking from a creek or other natural water source. 

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